Through the Eyes of a Child

A Princess Story

A little girl tries to understand why
Her parents fighting ended in good-bye
Lost in who to believe
She watched her father leave
And without his stable presence
She sought the wrong affection in adolescence
Never knowing how she should have been treated
A cycle of drugs and bad relationships repeated
To her love was like a revolving door
The men in her life only came back when they needed more
Her world was unraveling into a tangled mess
The little girl inside longed to be somebody’s princess
And then one day he came along
A man strong enough to hold on
To the girl that had wandered for so long alone
His unconditional love she’d never known
And when unexpectedly she was to give birth
He took her by the hand and led her forth
Away from a past of lies and deceit
They both trusted in God and fell at His feet
And washed anew in His amazing grace
They vowed in marriage together to face
The world that had brought so much pain
For both, freedom was found in Jesus’ name
No matter where she may want to run and hide
In her heart the love of God will always abide
And the man who grew to love her and made her his wife
Will always be a part of her life
For the children they share will never be alone
Because what God has brought together no one may cast a stone.


Ava’s Eyes

What fortunate parents are those
To hold little hands and tickle little toes
Who hear the sweet laugh
Of a child at play in the bath
And smell the lotion on their skin
To watch their first little grin
How the child fits right in their arms
Where the world can do no harm
But there is one I shall not forget
If only by chance we met
Her smile as bright as the morning sun
And like her there is but one
A gift from Heaven sent
With eyes full of enchantment
And blue as the sky above
With the innocence of a dove
Dreams that soar into the air
Of the world’s worries not a care
She is full of love and grace
And the world would be a better place
If the opportunity for all might arise
To see life through Ava’s eyes.