The Soul


The trophies sit upon a shelf
To remind us of our younger self
A token to outlast
The moment in time that passed
Mementos for our self esteem
Won alone or as part of a team
Some are different and some the same
But all point to personal fame
The one who strives with ambition
For their own recognition
Be cautious, lest you falter
And to yourself create an altar
Achievement is not a sin
Until pride lurks within
And vanity causes you to stumble
Away from a life more humble
For you are not your own
By our Creator you were sown
So beware of self admiration
Idols a misrepresentation
Success is by God’s grace
We mustn’t take His place
Or to ourselves give glory
For the writing of our story
Pursue a lasting legacy
For the reward of life eternally
And may your tombstone serve to inspire
For it is the final trophy you will acquire



If ever a soul is to discover peace
From the clutches of the flesh it must find release

It looks for perfection not found in the human life
Amidst disease, war, poverty and civil strife

Bombarded by media and societal trends
Twitter followers and Facebook friends

A revolving door of diets that are best
The right schools to prepare our children for a test

A career that will provide opportunity and a position to be desired
To purchase everything we never knew we required

All to fade into memories past
And buried six feet below a world that will not last

But what of the soul that makes not a sound
Yet echoes in the body with conscientious resound

If only we’d pause amid the world’s hectic pace
For a time-out from an eternally fruitless race

The flesh is amused by noise and distraction
Selfishly in search of immediate satisfaction

And so the soul may be felt like only a whisper’s breath
Gently pleading it’s cause before our death

Though we overlook that which to the ear is mute
Of its existence within we cannot dispute

A connection, a feeling, a sense of moral code
Stems from our soul’s humble abode

In our attempt to blot out its existence
We only demonstrate our ignorance

For the soul is desired by the thief who in darkness remains
And lurks in the shadows of doubt and fear to render it lame

The deceiver appeals to the human nature of greed, lust and vanity
To separate us from the Redeemer through our own calamity

In the pleasures of the flesh lie Satan’s greatest powers
Tempted in moments of weakness we cower

But greater is He who knows us by name
And draws us out from a life of shame

Whose Spirit will guard our heart and eyes
To prevent the devil’s victory at our demise

For if we accept the Lord’s gift of salvation
We unlock the true potential of our souls creation

And freedom is revealed through the profound mystery
In baptism we are washed to become members of Christ’s body!