Society and Culture


When we are overwhelmed by guilt
And unaware of the walls we built
For self preservation
We find have led to our incarceration
Voices from past echo with authority
And in our mind take priority
But forgiveness we’ll not obtain
If we choose to remain the same
And never reach a conclusion
Misled by the world’s illusions
We are thrust into existence
His plan is our significance
Our life’s culmination
Is not found in our occupation
Not wealth or power or fame
Not homage to our name
False appearances in how we live
For all our labor nothing left to give
Trapped in debt to a material society
We seek happiness in our peer’s notoriety
The spotlight not a seat in the distance
Helps to affirm our existence
We accept the world’s polluted view
Success measured in monetary value
But there is freedom from our prison
In the hope and redemption of baptism
A gift that will not deceive
Bestowed by God to all those who believe
And will break down the walls that bind
It is in grace our true self we find
For on earth we are slaves by our own captivity
Do not forego God’s eternal reward for
pleasure in life’s brevity.



When will we change the standards of measurement
Ashamed of our weight on the scale we scorn with resentment
When will we redefine the workday
To be no work and all play
When will there be no food to savor
So as not to insult taste it is stripped of flavor
When will the child define what he or she is to learn
Instead of relying on the teacher’s wisdom to discern
When will there be a law for laws
Without any probable cause
When will words from our vocabulary be taken away
Because they are too hurtful to say
When will there be no good, better or best
Only participants in no contest
When will Crayola only make the color ‘bland’
Afraid that an array of colors might offend
When will we realize tolerance is to accept but not condone
And that to take a stand we may sometimes stand alone
Will we give up fundamentals and moral absolutes
So as to muddy the waters of accountability and responsibility dilute
When will we stop pointing fingers and accept blame
When will we recognize that we are not all the same
Why does a person make life choices that from normalcy deviate
But feel entitled to have that from which they want to separate
We should not have to redefine the norm
To make exceptions for the feelings of those who freely choose not to conform
Lest someone feels outraged by gravity
That has resulted in their life’s depravity
Will we redefines the laws of the universe
For those of this world who are perverse
Or will we adhere to that which we know to be true with conviction
And not live in a world of authentic fiction
But instead find our identity in plain sight
Where good and bad exist along with wrong and right
And where truth of individuality is revealed
Without numerous Supreme Court appeals
For if we ravage the Constitution to allow for indulgences and self gratification
Will it not be to liberty’s abomination
Instead let there be debate and consensus found with integrity
As we learn to love all with compassion and live in humility.