Science and Creation


A tree in the forest
Is not like the others
But you can’t tell
By what you see
The wind blows
Through its’ leaves
But differently

Rain falls off its’ branches
Each drop felt
Against its’ roots
But the trees around
Follow the seasons
It alone looks for a reason
In the forest

It is easy to lose sight
Beneath the branches
In the shadows
Is the sun’s warmth enough,
For the nest
Where the birds rest
A purpose

Will it end up hollow,
The tree in the forest…
Succumb to disease and wither,
Cut down for timber,
Or fall quietly in the forest
Will the trees around feel it too?



How odd the atom is the building block of matter for the science community
And the Adam of Eden is God’s first creation of man and humanity

Protons, electrons and neutrons to elements and molecules give birth
But for our Creator, His breath brought life to the dust of the earth

Man erects institutions of study to explain all that is obscure
While God patiently waits for us, each on our path to find He is the cure

Man’s truth is found in testing hypotheses and proving theories
Yet God shows evidence of His existence in all of life’s majesties

Described away through Darwinism and evolution, man’s quest to erase
His perfection in the purpose of all that is created, each in its place

Withstanding the rise and fall of the empires of Egypt, Persia and Rome
Early Christians hid and were compelled to bury martyrs within the catacomb

Written within one hundred years of Jesus’ death, the Bible they do reject
Like the apostle Paul, named Saul, until he fell off a horse and did accept

The gift of life eternal, peace and hope that academia does pursue
Is found where two or more are gathered and not restrained to a pew

But of Ivy League schools, doctorates and the Nobel prize
Where would man be were John the Baptist not to baptize

A man named Jesus, thought to be a prophet full of wisdom and insight
At the river Jordan the Spirit descended on Him like a dove in flight

And though Scripture was fulfilled the Pharisees refused to see
The Word was flesh and so began their plot that led Him to Calvary

Why does man disbelieve miracles performed and wondrous deeds?
Witnessed by twelve He spoke to a crowd and met five thousand needs

And other religions have followed after Him but none quite the same
Written alone, lacking witnesses and professing personal gain

For many a person the promise of life after death will never suffice
And the truth of God sending His one and only son as a sacrifice

Yet Baptists, Catholics, Lutherans, Non-denominational and the rest
Are sewn together by the common thread of Jesus’ death and resurrection they attest

The resurrection of Christ for many intellects is where they do discount
How Mary found the empty tomb that was penned in John’s account

Of love and trust, your conscience by definition exists but is not seen
So what of our standard to measure good and evil, is this man’s scheme?

Or was it woven into the fabric of our being as Adam ate the fruit
But feelings of the heart, a soul or spirit, science does refute

How dull our life if all that is and ever will be is that which man fabricates
And ignore the sovereignty of the Creator that nature predicates

Intricately He’s assembled all the pieces of the puzzle we know as life
A finished masterpiece awaits us beyond this world’s pain and strife

A government where politics and egos cease to be known
The cherubim’s echo and angels sing, the one true King upon His throne

Every knee will bend and all confess though hell will swallow whole
Impostors like Judas exposed when he dipped his bread into the bowl

Until that time do not be deceived by man’s words and his false society
Instead look to the child’s faith and there you’ll find God’s hand of Creativity.