Where are the leaders to imitate
The ones our children are to emulate
Men and women of true conviction
Not made of fantasy or fiction
Is there a new definition of hero
Measured in the number of zeroes
We are far too amused with mediocrity
Scandals and affairs displayed in the media lack integrity
Where are those left to inspire
Who stir men’s hearts to unselfish desire
Not those who idolize their name
Whose morals are swallowed by fame
Where are the leaders with vision and clarity
That are not obscured by their popularity
The truth is that we have forgotten where to look
They do not only exist in the pages of a book
We walk amongst them everyday
But their super hero capes are hidden away
They may face imminent danger
To come to the defense of a stranger
They may search for cures and answers
From common illnesses to cancer
They may grade papers to all hours of the night
And prepare classrooms before morning’s light
They may pick up trash amid the stench
Or may be found under a car with a wrench
It may be the plumber that fixes your drain
Or even the conductor on a train
Hidden from view they may seem ordinary
But knowing they’re around makes this world less scary
They are the Moms and Dads in homes across the nation
Man and woman alike in each and every occupation
You won’t always find them on TV or the news
But look a little closer at the everyday mes and yous!


Martin Luther King, Jr.

A man
In a vision perceived
Had a dream
It was his theme
In peace he sought
To provoke thought
On civil rights
Spent long nights
In meeting and prayer
To replace fear
With God’s strength
At whatever length
To achieve equality of race
And hatred erase
Threats made on his life
Against his children and wife
Did not discourage
His bravery and courage
In protests he demonstrated
Nonviolence to be imitated
A voice for the downtrodden
He refused to let be forgotten
And triumphed in victory
On the dawn of equality
And though his life was taken
His cause was not forsaken
For he is not remembered in death
But by his every breath
That stirred the world’s heart
And tore segregation apart.