The trophies sit upon a shelf
To remind us of our younger self
A token to outlast
The moment in time that passed
Mementos for our self esteem
Won alone or as part of a team
Some are different and some the same
But all point to personal fame
The one who strives with ambition
For their own recognition
Be cautious, lest you falter
And to yourself create an altar
Achievement is not a sin
Until pride lurks within
And vanity causes you to stumble
Away from a life more humble
For you are not your own
By our Creator you were sown
So beware of self admiration
Idols a misrepresentation
Success is by God’s grace
We mustn’t take His place
Or to ourselves give glory
For the writing of our story
Pursue a lasting legacy
For the reward of life eternally
And may your tombstone serve to inspire
For it is the final trophy you will acquire.



What impression will be left
When of this world you are bereft

Is your legacy built on sand
Do you lead a life scattered about by the wind

Have you no cornerstone to remain
But instead the emptiness of a life spent in vain

Perhaps the only trace
Will be a portrait of your face

In an old photograph or frame
A passerby ignorant of your name

Or will there be stories to share
And memories held with great care

To be passed down for generations
Of a life pervaded by the Spirit’s motivation

And a soul that exuded true significance
In the shadow of the Lord’s magnificence

That left behind the inheritance of a quest
To be sought after until the day when all attest

So that in your final breath
Comfort is found before your death

In whom you loved that remain to pursue and follow
A purpose that will never reveal to be hollow

But that in faith awaits the reward
Of eternity in communion with the Lord!