Day to Day

Passing Through

In the service of our Lord a Christian is never content
We are not here to build a home but merely erect a tent
And as we pass through this life like fog in the early morning hours
May we bring the beauty of a thousand fields clothed in wildflowers
To overcome the world’s hate and animosity
And paint a picture of love and generosity
May we be as bold as rolling clouds of lighting and thunder
Pour ourselves out to fill the empty with God’s awestruck wonder
And on our knees may we be warriors in prayer
To defend lost souls in the battle against spiritual warfare
May we bestow grace as freely as the sun casts its warmth upon the earth
For in the Lord’s presence we are fulfilled and find our greatest worth!



Awake and seek His face
For it is only by His grace
That you are given a chance
To believe and take a stance
For Christ who gave His life
To heal our pain and strife
And no matter our flaw
Our heart He will draw
For He is the King
Awake and let your heart sing
For all that He has done
Remember Christ is the only one
Deserving of your admiration
Be filled with hope and inspiration
And lead by example in every action
To find God’s satisfaction
Of your life that is routine
Remember Heaven is our dream
And your heart will be content
With God’s Spirit that was sent
To be a light and guide
His word given to abide
Awake with a grateful heart
Of this life that you take part
And for the day that precedes
May God bless all your good deeds.


A Reminder

The rising sun chases night away
Bringing brilliance to shine upon the day
The birds in harmony sing a salutation
As creatures scurry in preparation
The trees overlook standing tall and proud
Boasting in their branches shroud
The crows cackle with all their might
Until a startling noise sends them in flight
Sounding footsteps on the runners trail
In unison with a fatiguing exhale
A dog is heard barking in the distance
Perhaps at a nagging squirrels insistence
From a mowers blades passing over a field
The aroma of freshly cut hay is yield
As cows from their slumber begin to ascend
And from a passing cloud rain descends
The drops mixing with the suns luminosity
Paints a picture of our Lords generosity
The rainbow is for God and the world to see
A faithful reminder of peace and harmony.


Flowers in a Vase

The flowers in a vase
Each in perfect place

Are to commemorate
Or commiserate

A feeling
Within our body reeling

From heart’s injury
Or love’s anniversary

A new desire
Or passion’s enduring fire

Joy in a child’s first breath
Or passing of life to death

But the flowers on display remain
Under the guise of a different theme but still the same

And bring beauty to the eyes
Of whom their meaning lies

Might Christians also be
For all the world to see

Our life’s significance
Is to illustrate His magnificence

And like the vase of flowers
Possess certain powers

Find common ground
Without a whisper of sound

To whom they’re sent
Bring joy, at the least contentment

Might we to whom we’re brought
Be more than an afterthought

A symbol of hope and light
With whom we share life’s plight

Like a vase we are but vessels
To hold our soul that wrestles

With the flesh that is transient
Though of beauty we are the recipient

Of the bouquet of life orchestrated
By the hand of God it was created

And so we find our perfect place
Just like the flowers in the vase.