In Him

The cross
Was His burden
For us
He carried the world
Upon His back
Torn flesh
Crown of thorns upon His head
He bled
And raised the dead
But walked up Calvary
For you and me
He carried a cross
Beaten and whipped
He slipped
And fell
But redeemed our souls from hell
By His death

On a cross
Nails driven through
Feet and hands
The veil torn across the land
A Father’s pain
His son slain
To save His creation
Jesus Christ is our salvation
Not the cross
But in the resurrection
His kingdom come
The Father’s will done

The cross
A reminder
Of the pain
When we forget
And take for granted
This life
The sacrifice
He paid the price
To believe
In Him
Not the cross.



Fledgling churches across the nation
Increasing concerns of reservation

To become part of an institution
In dire need of a revolution

Twisted by man’s schemes
Hypocrisy too often a theme

How to know who to believe
Interpretation misled may deceive

Authentic, genuine and real
Words used in slogans to appeal

Denominations may exude arrogance
One body is the church’s significance

Not restricted to an establishment of wood, steel or stone
A body of believers in He who accepted death and for our sins did atone

The church is likened to Christ’s bride for whom He cares
The Bible exemplifies the commitment of His life shared

He commissioned His followers before His death
To spread His ministry with every breath

Might churches focus on the Good News and glory
Of our Savior and the apostles amazing story

And let go of past worldly traditions
To share the gospels purest rendition

A guide for the lost and enrichment for the found
The church is a place for love to abound

The Word of God is not an evolution
It has been affirmed with resolution

From the Bible we are to learn
And with the wisdom to discern

The difference between wrong and right
To emerge from darkness and into the light

The church’s doors revolve with sinners passing through
Like a hospital where sick patients are admitted to

But the cure both doubters and believers search
Is found in the community of Christ’s church.