The Bible, Tacos and a Coke

An unlikely reminder for how the Lord  found
And freed a soul from the chains it was bound
An invitation to share the Bible over tacos and a Coke
Proved to be the opportunity by which the Lord spoke
Never pass an opportunity to share the Word with a stranger or friend
Do not ignore that which as a believer you have been commissioned
It may feel like a pinch, a prod or a poke
And be as simple as reading the Bible over tacos and a Coke.

A Treasure

We are created unique by our Lord
The truth is found in His Word

So often the book we take from the shelf
Is another edition of how to improve oneself

A book written by a modern day author
Not Scripture inspired by our Father

Books on how to discover the meaning and purpose of our existence
To overcome our feelings of a life of mere subsistence

On the shelves of book stores are publications for every need
From how to lose weight to how to lead

So many seek authenticity and originality
But instead fall into mainstream personality

Our individuality is knit by our Creator before birth
It is not found in our assimilation to anyone or anything of this earth

Though from reading books we can learn
The deeper questions and answers we yearn

Are revealed through a connection with He
The maker of heaven and earth who reigns eternally

The Bible is like a puzzle with each book a piece that fits into place
Upon our consummation of it we glimpse the picture of His face

If our true life on this earth we are to behold
It will be through the presence of the Spirit in our soul

No guilt in reading for growth of mankind’s knowledge, no room for remorse
The only question is to consider the source

For God provides in us what from our mouth or by our hand departs
It is the authors view that conveys a different shade of clarity and thereby sets them apart

For in all scales of life, balance is the best measure
But of all the books in the world written, the Bible bestows the hearts greatest treasure.