Envy’s Chair

I remember sitting there
In that familiar chair
Named envy
Jealous of what you see
Wanting the same
The point of view is vain
Do not believe the lie
The heart’s heavy sigh
Like an anchor holds you there
In that familiar chair
Named envy
You are more than what you see
In mirrors reflection
Your life has its own direction
Ups and downs
Smiles and frowns
There is no other like you
Therefore no other comparison is true
Be brave in heart
Only you can play your part
On the world’s stage
Each day the turning of a page
Written in the dust
Leave envy to rust
Do not place faith in the carnal
Make your mark eternal
And leave the chair for a throne
Remember child, you are not alone.



Like a chain link fence
Trash is blown against
I have nothing to hide
Separate from the other side
I am just a foothold to climb
When you’re over, pain is left behind
Through a crimson memory
I look back to see
If you ever were a friend
Or was I just a means to an end
For you to get through
Remember how you clung to
Me, my hollow self and I
Indulgence of the flesh is the reason why
You come between
His will and my dream
You pretended to fit the part
The missing piece of my heart
I am here and there you are
But I am left alone with the scar
Torn open in the name of sin
That I feel like the touch of her skin
Still I remember
The leftover amber
Left by the fire that burned through my hollow frame
You try to disguise but stay the same
In Him I am not defenseless
No longer left jumping over the fences
In my mind
Tirelessly trying to find
A filter to run through
Where I emerge without you
Attached… Like the trash blown against
A chain link fence.

Love’s Window


Eyes filled with tears
Like shattered window panes
Allow slivers of light to slip past
Shards of glass
To reveal a heart in pieces
Empathy is mind’s illusion
For the heart is broken
Not fallen apart
Time will mend
The emptiness within
Forgotten in true love’s embrace
Affection will not erase
The scars left
Calloused memories
A soul will search endlessly
For the timeless picture of love
Held within a broken frame
Hope will defy vulnerability
To grasp that which alludes to eternity
A mere glimpse
That slips past the pain
Of shattered lives and broken frames
Through love’s window of immortality…

Pride’s Refrain


In the midst of pride
I find it hard to hide
The want to defend
Against words that offend
Or an act of disrespect
The seed of humility my flesh rejects
Instead I am overcome with anger
Against friend or stranger
I feel it rage
Locked in a cage
I wish to release
But it will bring no peace
I call on Jesus’ name
In His presence I find refrain
And turn my cheek
Not because I am weak
Ease is found in emotion
Strength is in devotion
To Christ, the Giver of eternal worth
Reputations are left on earth
But a Christian’s legacy
Is found in eternity.

A Fireman


Scars have replaced
The melted flesh of his face
From the fire he fought
No glory sought
From a burning structure deep within
They made their stand
To battle the blaze
Amid the smoke and haze
Where a man’s strength
Is measured to the length
Of what he can bare
Nozzle in hand with limited air
In a test of will
To push past the pain he feels
And snuff out the flames
Not be a name
Etched on the hallowed walls
Of a long dismal hall
In remembrance of the fallen
Who answered their calling
And with each fire extinguished
Among his peers he is distinguished
By a yellow helmet turned black as night
To let you know he won the fight.


What is Life?



For what is life
But joy and strife
The sound of a heart beating
A world that is fleeting
With every breath
We mock death
In achievement
Or bereavement
Still we persist
Not merely to exist
But to live in truest form
Break the pattern of the norm
Soak in moments that seem
Made up only of dreams
We unwrap Your presence
To discover the essence
Of all that we perceive
Shaped in Whom we believe
Christians by title
To serve with hands not idle
For what is life
But joy and strife
A place of measure
To inherit eternal treasure
Battles fought with humility
To restore the soul’s tranquility
In the Spirit’s rhythm
We are found forgiven
Our hope runs deep
Faith in You we keep
In joy or strife
Christ’s love fulfills this life!



Addictions consume
Every square inch of room
Mind and body torment the soul
Pleading to pay the toll
For drug of choice
Deafening the inner voice
Of conscience and reason
Denying the flesh is treason
To sweet refrain
From the world’s pain
Unable to distinguish
The fire to extinguish
Pleasure or the incessant appetite
Flesh and will fight
The feelings and emotions
Wrapped in an addict’s potion
Repeating abuse
An addict’s noose
Worn around the neck
A blind speck
Slowly taking the breath
Of a life choking to death
Addiction is master and slave
Leading to the grave…

The Day I Saw the Light


The day I saw the light
I gave up trying to fight
Through this life on my own
I was never alone
But in His spirits absence
I walked in ignorance
My life stained with sin
Pain and regret kept within
As I repeated the sins of my youth
Until I stumbled on His truth
And fell to my knees
Arms outstretched, begging Him please
To unshackle these chains
That I wear with shame
My tears stained the ground
His forgiveness I found
And His hand I felt
Raise me up from where I knelt
To stand in His grace
My emptiness His love replaced
And in that moment I understood
He is the only part of me that is good
To His truth I will attest
Until in death I am laid to rest
And from my flesh my spirit sets forth
To behold the kingdom I sought on Earth
And when I kneel before His throne
My soul will sing for I am home!