Like a chain link fence
Trash is blown against
I have nothing to hide
Separate from the other side
Just a foothold to climb
When you’re over I’m left behind
With a crimson memory
You look back and see through me
Are you ever a friend
No… I am just a means to an end
For you to get through
Remember how you clung to
Me, my hollow self and I
Don’t understand the reason why
You come between
Me and my dream
You pretended to fit the part
The missing piece of my heart
I am here but you are never far
Left alone with the scar
Torn open under the name of sin
I feel like the touch of skin
Still I remember
The fire’s leftover amber
Burns through my hollow frame
You try to disguise but stay the same
I am defenseless
Jumping over the fences
In my mind
Tirelessly trying to find
A filter to run through
Where I emerge without you
Attached, like the trash blown against
A chain link fence…