Heavenly Hue

IMG_1356[1]With the sun I rise                                  Brush in hand to paint the skies
In hues of orange, purple, gray and blue
To remind you of Me in the dawn of each day anew
Orange is for My Spirit’s glow
Found in My word that burns bright to follow
Purple is to adorn My throne of royalty
For I am the King of Kings and will always be
Gray filled the skies upon the death of My Son
Crucified, died and in three days rose that My will be done
Blue is for My endless grace, a life-giving fountain
Of which My children in baptism rise to move mountains
I paint the beauty and the sorrow
In the hope you will find Me before tomorrow
For in the darkness of night death is a thief
A child lost in sin is My deepest grief
But if in Me your faith is true
You will rise in heavenly hue.