The Day I Saw the Light


The day I saw the light
I gave up trying to fight
Through this life on my own
I was never alone
But in His spirits absence
I walked in ignorance
My life stained with sin
Pain and regret kept within
As I repeated the sins of my youth
Until I stumbled on His truth
And fell to my knees
Arms outstretched, begging Him please
To unshackle these chains
That I wear with shame
My tears stained the ground
His forgiveness I found
And His hand I felt
Raise me up from where I knelt
To stand in His grace
My emptiness His love replaced
And in that moment I understood
He is the only part of me that is good
To His truth I will attest
Until in death I am laid to rest
And from my flesh my spirit sets forth
To behold the kingdom I sought on Earth
And when I kneel before His throne
My soul will sing for I am home!

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