Lies whispered in my ear
Turn doubt into fear
I feel the blood rippling
Agitating through my veins
The adrenaline is crippling
I call out Your name
Am I to fight or give flight
I feel I’m losing sight
Amid the world’s battlefield
To deception I mustn’t yield
My heart is pounding at my breast
Like a hammer in my chest
My lungs clinch
No air to quench
I gasp for breath
In the face of death
And then Your hand
Reaches for me
To help me stand
Amid the uncertainty
Not behind the walls I’ve built
That hide the light of Your face
In my hands Your beauty wilts
Like a picture fades that I cannot replace
My flesh is weak
The words I speak
Will never explain
The sweet refrain
Of Your presence
It is the essence
I one day will behold
When my body turns cold
I mustn’t fear
It is mind’s trick
Of a world insincere
To forget I am handpicked
And You… You will always be
There for me
Watching and waiting
And I, anticipating
What lies ahead
Until I am dead
And sweet rest I enter into
My eternity to be shared with You
Until that day, my beating heart You restore
Nothing is left to chance
I breathe You in as before
Doubt entered our great romance
On my lips, Your name
Your spirit courses through my veins
And into Your hands I impart
The darkest places of my heart
To fill with Your light
That I may regain my sight
As Your breath fills the lungs in my chest
And I place Your armor over my breast
To engage the world under Your commission
With purpose and conviction
That I would not waver
But in life’s every moment, Your victory over death I will savor!

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