What is Life?



For what is life
But joy and strife
The sound of a heart beating
A world that is fleeting
With every breath
We mock death
In achievement
Or bereavement
Still we persist
Not merely to exist
But to live in truest form
Break the pattern of the norm
Soak in moments that seem
Made up only of dreams
We unwrap Your presence
To discover the essence
Of all that we perceive
Shaped in Whom we believe
Christians by title
To serve with hands not idle
For what is life
But joy and strife
A place of measure
To inherit eternal treasure
Battles fought with humility
To restore the soul’s tranquility
In the Spirit’s rhythm
We are found forgiven
Our hope runs deep
Faith in You we keep
In joy or strife
Christ’s love fulfills this life!



Addictions consume
Every square inch of room
Mind and body torment the soul
Pleading to pay the toll
For drug of choice
Deafening the inner voice
Of conscience and reason
Denying the flesh is treason
To sweet refrain
From the world’s pain
Unable to distinguish
The fire to extinguish
Pleasure or the incessant appetite
Flesh and will fight
The feelings and emotions
Wrapped in an addict’s potion
Repeating abuse
An addict’s noose
Worn around the neck
A blind speck
Slowly taking the breath
Of a life choking to death
Addiction is master and slave
Leading to the grave…

The Day I Saw the Light


The day I saw the light
I gave up trying to fight
Through this life on my own
I was never alone
But in His spirits absence
I walked in ignorance
My life stained with sin
Pain and regret kept within
As I repeated the sins of my youth
Until I stumbled on His truth
And fell to my knees
Arms outstretched, begging Him please
To unshackle these chains
That I wear with shame
My tears stained the ground
His forgiveness I found
And His hand I felt
Raise me up from where I knelt
To stand in His grace
My emptiness His love replaced
And in that moment I understood
He is the only part of me that is good
To His truth I will attest
Until in death I am laid to rest
And from my flesh my spirit sets forth
To behold the kingdom I sought on Earth
And when I kneel before His throne
My soul will sing for I am home!

A Goodbye


Tears stain the casket
That holds the man he loves
Torn from his hands
Towards death he was shoved
Because of the uniform he wore
And the oath that he swore
A son’s heart breaks
Etched in mind’s still frame
His father’s life is a memory
No words to heal the pain
But son, may you know the presence of your father’s love
He’s not here to hold but he reaches for you from above!

Walk with Perspective


Walk a beat in the shoes
Of the officer dressed in blue
That protects our freedom
Wish we didn’t need them
But the world’s a scary place
Everyday they face
Monsters that hide in plain sight
The evil that lurks in the night
Brave men and women that are bigger
Than the lone wolves that pull the trigger
Under circumstance
For the victim no second chance
So who’s to blame
For the tears and pain

Walk a block
In the shoes of the kid from hard knocks
Who knows wrong from right
But still has to fight
To have a chance
He’s a different color under different circumstance
He doesn’t carry a gun
Because he thinks it’s fun
It’s for survival
Against his rival
The drug dealer, gang banger or thief
Until he’s out of the neighborhood he won’t have relief
So who’s to blame
For the tears and pain

Then one night two lives intertwine
And one steps over the line
A moment of threat
Turns into a lifetime of regret
Was it racism
Or skepticism
Mistrust of the other
Because of their difference in color
How do we correct
The lack of respect
For the authorities
Between majorities and minorities
To stop the blame
The tears and pain

Moments of silence
Won’t end the violence
But heartfelt prayer for unity
Across broken communities
Outstretched hands that reach
Not for handouts but to teach
To replace hate and resentment
With understanding sentiment
Not point out broken parts
But focus on the hearts
Of the lives affected, you and me
To be the change we want to see
Forgive the past
To build on a truth that lasts
One perspective for all of us
Through the eyes of Jesus
In His name
No more tears and no more pain.



Lies whispered in my ear
Turn doubt into fear
I feel the blood rippling
Agitating through my veins
The adrenaline is crippling
I call out Your name
Am I to fight or give flight
I feel I’m losing sight
Amid the world’s battlefield
To deception I mustn’t yield
My heart is pounding at my breast
Like a hammer in my chest
My lungs clinch
No air to quench
I gasp for breath
In the face of death
And then Your hand
Reaches for me
To help me stand
Amid the uncertainty
Not behind the walls I’ve built
That hide the light of Your face
In my hands Your beauty wilts
Like a picture fades that I cannot replace
My flesh is weak
The words I speak
Will never explain
The sweet refrain
Of Your presence
It is the essence
I one day will behold
When my body turns cold
I mustn’t fear
It is mind’s trick
Of a world insincere
To forget I am handpicked
And You… You will always be
There for me
Watching and waiting
And I, anticipating
What lies ahead
Until I am dead
And sweet rest I enter into
My eternity to be shared with You
Until that day, my beating heart You restore
Nothing is left to chance
I breathe You in as before
Doubt entered our great romance
On my lips, Your name
Your spirit courses through my veins
And into Your hands I impart
The darkest places of my heart
To fill with Your light
That I may regain my sight
As Your breath fills the lungs in my chest
And I place Your armor over my breast
To engage the world under Your commission
With purpose and conviction
That I would not waver
But in life’s every moment, Your victory over death I will savor!