(No Title)


Our Father never grows tired of teaching us
Or when we stray, reaching for us

He never tires of watching our steps
Or helping us when we slip, even trip

He doesn’t complain when we cry
Or become impatient when we ask why

Nothing on this earth can replace
His love for us, His grace

I think of our Father’s sacrifice
And His Son who paid sin’s price

To find strength in life’s trials
Knowing I could never have walked in Jesus’ shoes, not even for a mile

No greater love is found
Than when we lay our life down

Not only in death
But with every breath

Put away our selfish desire
To feed the Spirit’s fire

And lead our children, friends and family
To the light of God’s eternity

In our thoughts, words and actions
This life provides no greater satisfaction

Than when we love
As our Father who watches from above!

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