Before she held me in her arms, she held me near to her heart
Without having seen me, she loved me from the start
And though she knew I would bring her pain
She spent endless hours searching to find my name
With eager anticipation she prepared a place of my own
In the house I would one day call my home
The labor of my birth brought tears to her face
But at first glimpse of me she was filled with a joy she could never replace
In the years to follow she took pride in watching me grow
With lots of hugs and kisses, mending cuts and scrapes, and teaching me all I should know
Selfless sacrifice day in and day out to meet our family’s needs
And open arms to go back to when her wisdom I did not heed
My hand doesn’t fit anymore inside her palm
But she’s one of a kind, made just for me and she’ll always be my Mom!

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