Life’s Pages

Stack Of Books

Like the pages bound within a hardcover, our days are marked
God knows our tomorrow before we embark
Our lives He holds in His hands like a book
Every new day is the turning of a page but the next chapter is too far for us to look
He created our beginning and He knows our end
For every choice we make that may alter life’s path, He’s readied the chapters that transcend
Though an individual’s life may not have a happy ending to their story
Each and every day is filled with God’s glory
It is left to us to choose how we fill life’s pages
That will echo for the eternity of our soul that never ages
The final chapter of our life ends in that which lies beyond death
Our story is as significant and unique as every individual breath.



The eternity of Heaven remains hidden
If forgiveness is forbidden
Sin inhibits sight
And blots out the light
To leave the soul hollow
For guilt and shame to swallow
Shackled by chains
A life in vain
Satisfied by the world’s pleasures
Unaware of Heaven’s treasures
And ignorant of the cost
Jesus paid for the lost
The infinite price
Of the Lord’s sacrifice
His blood spilled
That sinners would be healed
When risen
From the waters of baptism
To find true worth
In a rebirth
From darkness to light
God restores sight
And reveals the mystery
Of Heaven that awaits in eternity
He gives the Holy Spirit to guide
And fill the heart inside
Until fear and timidity
Are replaced with strength and humility
Because you are forgiven
By a God that is living!



It separates the beginning from the end
but of the race it does not contend
It has no authority
but in it rests the majority
It does not feel
but in it we heal
It is measured by hands
but it has no feet to stand
It does not assert
but with it we may convert
It gives memories to last
but they are found in its’ past
It is loved
but hated
It’s as unrelenting as the hot summer sun
but it never sets; its’ work is never done
It is owned by none
but we borrow from its’ infinite sum
It neither pushes nor pulls
but over it we change direction
It has no character of its’ own
but it reveals in us what is sewn
It has no obligation
but to linger in it is procrastination
It exudes patience
but with nagging persistence
It gives moments of favor
but leaving us only to savor
It is an idol for some, adorned with silver and gold
but it is never ours to hold
It is shared across continents
but if asked of another to give, they may resent
Its’ essence is existence
but it bears no physical presence
It exposes man’s spiritual infirmity
but silences the flesh as we pass to eternity
It first took the stage with its’ beginning in Creation
but its’ final act will be in the unveiling of the Revelation.