(No Title)


Open your heart to let God’s word move
And be the rhythm of your daily groove
Tune in the Bible as your favorite listening station
To overcome struggles and temptations
The Lord is the composer of the universe
He is perfection and never rehearsed
His lyrics are not bound by Scripture’s pages
His album has transcended through the ages
A release that was number one from the start
Endured denominational remakes and still at the top of the chart
More copies sold in different languages than any other anthology
Words inspired by His spirit and love’s only prodigy
Across the world people call out His name
But there is no story of fortune and fame
No explicit rating on the label or cover
But in the contents you will discover
A warning for your life and a choice
Deny or declare ‘Jesus is Savior’ with your voice
Words that will echo for eternity
In God’s kingdom or eternal misery
What is spoken or sung gives measure
To your heart’s deepest treasure
Freedom of speech is a liberty
Not to indulge ignorantly
Think about the Bible the next time
You are in search of a good rhyme
Or the Christian radio station
You’ve thought about listening to with reservation
The world is full of artists that look and sound appealing
But listen to what their lyrics are revealing
Is there evidence of God’s beauty
Outside of the popular melody
Don’t be afraid to be out of the ‘in-crowd’
And turn ‘Jesus Freak’ up loud
Let the Spirit make you move
And redefine your daily groove
Turn the dial to the oldest oldies station
That began with our Lord and the words that ushered in Creation!

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