Like a magnet her beauty attracts
No time to think, only react
The breath empties from my lungs
Like a song that chases her from my lips though left unsung
Her presence overwhelms
My absence of speech leaves her at the helm
And the smell of her perfume
Fills me with a desire that consumes
My every thought
She is the dream I sought
Sent by God, my lighthouse to draw me in from stormy seas
In her arms my pride is broken into vulnerability
Her friendship is unmatched
And her love is always the patch
To mend my heart life sometimes breaks
She gives me hope when the world takes
We are stronger together than we are apart
Because from the Lord we never depart
And to Him I lift in prayer
A thankful heart for this life we share.


Selfish Me


If we play under the world’s rule
In death we will be found a fool
To captivate an audience on Earth
Amass wealth of immeasurable worth
Should we excel in athleticism
Or write literary criticism
Discover a new invention
May it be with purest intention
For what we sacrifice in selfish gain
In this world or the next will bring pain.



A tougher man I may never meet
Than one that came from 2808 South Harwood Street

In his years on the department he made quite a reputation
And his home was the number six fire station

As a fireman on the nozzle he was revered
Charging through the flames to extinguish without fear

He’d breathe out smoke from his Marlboro Light
Like steam from the nostrils of a bull ready to fight

He didn’t need words for you to know your place
You knew where you stood by the look on his face

But inside that big old frame of a man
Is a heart that cares for his family and friends

A devoted father to his daughter’s dreams
And a husband who spoke of his wife with a gleam

No better aroma than the smell of his fried chicken
Emanating from that old fire station kitchen

And the Magnolia tree in the yard that’s missing a limb
Is a reminder of the night it fell upon him

He made us study our maps and know our routes
As a Driver-Engineer he knew Engine 6 inside and out

Over a cup of coffee we’d listen to the stories he would tell
Until it was time to turn in or the sounding of the bell

With all of his years of service his greatest legacy
Were the ones he left every third day, his family.

(No Title)


Open your heart to let God’s word move
And be the rhythm of your daily groove
Tune in the Bible as your favorite listening station
To overcome struggles and temptations
The Lord is the composer of the universe
He is perfection and never rehearsed
His lyrics are not bound by Scripture’s pages
His album has transcended through the ages
A release that was number one from the start
Endured denominational remakes and still at the top of the chart
More copies sold in different languages than any other anthology
Words inspired by His spirit and love’s only prodigy
Across the world people call out His name
But there is no story of fortune and fame
No explicit rating on the label or cover
But in the contents you will discover
A warning for your life and a choice
Deny or declare ‘Jesus is Savior’ with your voice
Words that will echo for eternity
In God’s kingdom or eternal misery
What is spoken or sung gives measure
To your heart’s deepest treasure
Freedom of speech is a liberty
Not to indulge ignorantly
Think about the Bible the next time
You are in search of a good rhyme
Or the Christian radio station
You’ve thought about listening to with reservation
The world is full of artists that look and sound appealing
But listen to what their lyrics are revealing
Is there evidence of God’s beauty
Outside of the popular melody
Don’t be afraid to be out of the ‘in-crowd’
And turn ‘Jesus Freak’ up loud
Let the Spirit make you move
And redefine your daily groove
Turn the dial to the oldest oldies station
That began with our Lord and the words that ushered in Creation!