To retreat is to withdraw
A choice by design or flaw
A decision to change course
To regroup and reinforce
Seclude from the enemy’s face
If only for a moment of grace
To find men accountable
And achieve the insurmountable
To offer compassion and encouragement
For the body and soul’s nourishment
And charge the battlefield that overwhelms
Among the spiritual and physical realms
With courage and conviction to stand
We are held in Christ’s hand
In His presence no fear in death
His name resonates as our battle cry with every breath
We are mere shadows of God’s glory
Commissioned to share His story
To retreat is not to surrender
The Word is our eternal defender
Sharper than any sword we can wield
It pierces the heart that will not yield
We are called to his ranks individual of each other
But under our King we serve as brothers
Knit together by a common thread
A belief in our Savior who rose from the dead
A retreat is no place for man’s pride
It is a place of humility, of tears and for hearts to confide
To remind us of our weakness apart from He
Who is the author of creation and eternity
A place for His message to renew our Spirit
And go forth like the twelve for the world to hear it!

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