A Dream


Clouds adrift
Like schools of fish
Pass by in the cool morning air
Leaving wind blown strands of silver hair
Or wispy bits of cotton candy spun
Against a canvas of midnight blue undone
Still enamored by the moon’s light
It tempestuously envelops each night
As I fall under its’ trance
To unlock my imagination and watch it dance
Until the spell weakens and loses power
As the clock turns and chimes in the early morning hour
And from the bed I rise with curiosity
To discover a strange yet familiar luminosity
That allures me before I am startled by an interrupting breeze
My body shivers like the rustling leaves of the trees
That I gaze upon in amazement to find my shadow cast there
But I am here among the clouds on a journey though uncertain where
I am awake and asleep or so it seems
Heaven waits at the end of this life I dream.


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