Not Our Own


Foolish words of arrogance
Boast of our significance
We deem our worth
By what we put forth
And then crave more
To fill our selfish core
We should have what we perceive
But entitlement does deceive
Like scales over our eyes
Enveloped in a web of lies
We are not our own
Our seed of talent was sown
From the Creator above
And is nurtured with love
By the hands of those who care
With whom this life is shared
For though a seed is planted
Maturity is not granted
Interdependence is required
To achieve the goal desired
Family, a teacher, coach or friend
Provide the support we need to transcend
From a sapling so weak and frail
To a mighty oak that will prevail
And endure through all of life’s season
Uniquely made for God’s own reason.

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