Old Mirror Standing Against Wall

Our image
In a photograph
Or before a mirror
Is a reflection
But draw nearer
Past our perception
One must delve
To discover oneself
It is not found
In the image
The mirror rebounds

Look into the eyes
And listen to the voice
That echoes the heart’s song
That has been sung
Is singing
But remains to be heard
Not in words
A deeper connection
Past the physical reflection
Of our image

We try to manipulate
And distort
We starve for attention
And affection
From our reflection
To appeal
But of true self conceal
Do not be deceived
In the fondness received
Hidden in intimate distraction
To fulfill another’s lustful attraction

Physical beauty is fleeting
Evident in the recurrent meeting
Of the mirror in which we stare
Longing to be the muse
Of he or she who would not abuse
The body we are given
To live in
A mere costume
When we are rid of no one will exhume

Look nearer
Into the mirror
The image cast forth
Does not reveal our worth
It is but a shallow reflection
That lacks depth and introspection
Look through the lens
Past the shades of brown, blue or green
To discover that which is unseen
The soul, it is the exception
Upon reflection
Bears a likeness to God
And falls under His authority
Created with purest intent
And timeless beauty
We glimpse eternity
When we look nearer
Past the reflections in the mirror.

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