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Who deems one belief greater than another?
That we would inflict pain upon each other
Under the pretense it is right
To take up arms and fight
And upon others force our views
Because they are unwilling to choose
To respect what to one is sacred
Should not spur another’s hatred
The selfishness rampant in humanity
Triggers in others such insanity
Might we look through the eyes of a child?
And find a heart that is meek and mild
That does not look for a label
But to be willing and able
To look at another’s life
And not wish to induce pain or strife
Because to whom they pray is not the same
And the book they read has a different name
Peace is not an illusion
If we could all come to the conclusion
That we differ in race, color and creed
But of our distinctness might we heed
Value and appreciate the mystique
Of our cultures, each one unique
And each deserving of a voice
But not by force, only by choice
For there is greater worth in being preferred
Than acts of violence against if ignored
There is room for us all in this place
But to each other we must show grace
And acknowledge each other’s convictions
With respect, not intent on eradication
Our present condition echoes from history’s pages
Amid acts of terror and the religious persecution that rages
For each has sought to have absolute power
To strike fear and cause man to cower
But it is not the place of man
To kill and harm, how to comprehend?
The needless death and destruction
Is not any god’s instruction
Mankind’s purpose is to learn and grow
And by example to other’s show
The fruits of labor in their faithfulness
Marked with acts of righteousness
And let each give praise with their breath
In so much as it does not bring death
For instead of manipulation and gain
Might a richer knowledge we attain
A greater respect and acceptance exude
And find harmony in our brief interlude
Between birth and death, let us live
And of the beauty that abounds, freely give
Of our individual circumstance
In a world knit with such intricate balance
Might we tip the scales of humility?
To foster a life of tranquility
Absent of the thief
That is pride in a belief
And blindly corrupts the existence
Of the opportunity for a life of innocence.

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