Flowers in a Vase


The flowers in a vase
Each in perfect place
Are to commemorate
Or to commiserate
A feeling
Within our body reeling
From heart’s injury
Or love’s anniversary
A new desire
Or passion’s enduring fire
Joy in a child’s first breath
Or passing of life to death
But the flowers on display remain
A different theme but still the same
And bring beauty to the eyes
Of whom their meaning lies
Might Christians also be
For all the world to see
Our life’s significance
Is to illustrate His magnificence
And like the vase of flowers
Possess certain powers
Find common ground
Without a whisper or sound
To whom they’re sent
Bring joy, at the least contentment
Might we to whom we’re brought
Be more than an afterthought
A symbol of hope and light
With whom we share life’s plight
Like a vase we are but vessels
To hold our soul that wrestles
With the flesh that is transient
Though of beauty we are the recipient
Of the bouquet of life orchestrated
By the hand of God it was created
And so we find our perfect place
Just like the flowers in the vase.

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