Within Reach


If within arm’s reach
Would you breech
The personal space
To offer grace
And salvation
In your place of occupation
A stranger on the street
Or anyone you meet
Risk uncertainty
For a soul’s eternity
Brave awkward stares
To share
The Good News
The Spirit in you
Don’t cower
Unleash its’ power
Overcome the fear of backlash
From dust and ash
No promise of tomorrow
Today be a leader to follow
Be an inspiration
For those in desperation
That are within arm’s reach
Wishing someone would breech
Their personal space
To offer them grace
And a love that will last
To redeem them from their past
But their cry you will not hear
If you allow fear
To mute the words
That like a sword
Will cut to reveal
A need to heal
To be forgiven
And rise anew in baptism
In belief
No longer slave to grief
Because you dared
And in Jesus’ name shared
The Spirit that breeched
Who was always within God’s reach
But was left to a choice
For you to lend Him your voice.

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